4 reasons it’s High time to go Mobile – Google update is here!!

Four Reasons why your website should be mobile friendly : Google update!

The introduction of smart phones has a great impact on the marketing strategy of business by providing an easier access to the world of internet. So, we have to cope up with this, to ensure that we are not missing out any customers through any means.

This popularity of internet forces the importance of websites to be responsive. Also the recent studies show that the 60% of Google search is done through the mobile and reveals the importance of having a responsive website. By the way Google also initiated to rank the websites according to their responsiveness; websites without a responsive/mobile friendly format will gradually affect the index that you have maintained till now

  • What is mobile friendly

Nowadays a majority of the customers depends on the mobile search for a quick reference of the products they require at the point of time. Being in a new place, a person goes for a search to locate a nearer place where he can buy his need. The two things that we can notice in this search is that this customer will definitely buy a product and other thing is that he is using the mobile for this search which reveals the importance of a responsive design or a mobile friendly website. And this reveals the importance of responsiveness.


  • Test your degree of mobile friendliness

Google now helps the developers to ensure that their websites is 100% mobile supportive by providing their testing tool, you can submit your website below if you want us to analyze your website for free!. Starve for a green signal from Google by making the alterations needed to get so. Find more supportive plugins which are available in WordPress so as to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

Infographics - Google mobile update
Google’s mobile friendly mobile update – info graphics from freshmindideas
  • Do’s and don’ts with mobile friendly websites.

The key point which we need to keep in mind while creating a responsive site is that it should be easily accessible. For that the loading speed of the page should be taken into account. The faster world needs a faster webpage. So your website should be as quick as our thoughts. Make your website accessible from the same URL even if the devices changes.  Don’t ever opt a 404 Error, if the mobile version for that particular page is not available. Don’t ever block/disable javascripts or any other styling files or images, since they reduce the easiness of access.  Compare your positing with your competitors from multiple devices


  • Sort the experts and relax

You don’t need to collaborate or worry about these updates and complexities into your head. Dial to freshmindideas and relax. We make responsive websites even if your website design needs are simple. The outcomes from our expertise team prove that we have foreseen all the requirements including the responsiveness for a website which endure your business. To check your website’s responsiveness in detail or if you have any other query we can help you out, Contact us here or through the form given below.

  • Send your website along with message


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