25 powerful Marketing Strategies from Branding Agency Bangalore

      25 powerful Marketing Strategies from Branding Agency Bangalore


A company’s success or failure relies mostly on the marketing strategies it has adopted. These strategies basically are a medium through which a company communicates with its users like as the overall value is presented before the valuable clients. Many advanced companies rely on their marketing strategies to earn a huge user-base than on anything else. These strategies prove to be core in attracting customers towards the product as Apple does through catchy advertisements. No matter if the product is that level perfect, the way its marketing is done decides the fan-base it will earn.

Also, faulty marketing strategies lead to more in a downfall than uplifting the brand. Our Branding agency in Bangalore does the task of refining those effective marketing strategies and implementing them to take the brand reach new heights. Our Indian Branding Agency does branding, adopting the following Marketing strategies as its core:

1: Undercover marketing:

Since, customer’s curiosity for the product grows up with keeping certain facts hidden, we keep this as one of our major practices to attract and retain maximum for the brand we are promoting. Working this way keeps a level of interest within the customers for the brand.

2: Switching Online 

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As the commerce has set its feet on the internet as well, we believe in doing the maximum marketing on the internet. From creating online banners to promoting them on different great-doing sites is what we perform. Goal of doing so is to generate awareness among online users regarding a specific brand and the product it offers.

3: Effective Web Designing

Our web designing company with the help of an experienced team, offers effective web designing so that the brand has the coolest impression on the new customers trying for its products online.

4: We As a Logo Designing Company

A company’s logo is what which distinguishes it from the rest of the similar brands. Therefore, it must be simple and catchy for the people to easily relate with. Our logo designers believe in something simple yet effective. So they, after carefully analyzing the trends and fashion, design a logo best suiting to the primary identity of the brand.

5: Marketing Beyond Online

marketing through magazines
marketing through magazines

We today also have people which do not stay very much active to the internet. For them, marketing through print media, television and radio seems to be the best option. Our branding company in Kerala design pamphlets and content for magazines and newspapers to ensure that no-one is left.

6: Marketing as Fun

Also, writing newsletter to highlight some of the major achievements of the brand is what our company does to induce a feeling of inclusion and participation among a brand’s customers to keep them engaged and happy.

7:  Designing an effective content to sustain Potential customers:

The content listing a brand’s product details needs to be effective and efficient to educate the potential customers so that they can be influenced using other direct selling methods from time to time. We are proud to say this that we excel in doing this because of the experts we have in our Content Developers team.

8: Search Marketing

Google has now become a major source of answers to a million queries. Keeping this in mind we upload the details of the brand on leading asked websites as advertisements or quality articles to help maximum customers as we can.

9: Community Marketing to convince Communities

We believe in mass marketing rather than targeting a few people. Speaking about the needs and wants of a particular community through an active dialogue is how we engage customers for a brand.

10: Social Media Platform

We help in uplifting a brand’s reputation by promoting it on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Influential people stay active on these servers and thus it is beneficial to explore brands at such platforms. Being a Branding agency Bangalore we can help you in digital marketing!

11:  Initiating Incentives

There is no effective means of attracting new customers than by offering incentives (coupons, contests, etc.) or something for free to the people. This not only helps in earning new customers but also keeps them engaging for long.

12: Making the Brand Responsive

We have a billion of mobile users today. Our branding company thereby focuses on taking the brand top these users by offering them a responsive site that can be used as a store within the mobiles.

13: Giving the Brand an Effective look

We design a brand’s packaging, envelopes, letterhead etc. to help it attract people with the way it represents itself. This is one of the key factors behind a brand’s success.

14:  Marketing through Telephones

Telemarketing has been growing as one of the major marketing media and we focus on this through generating recorded sales pitches via automatic dialing.

15: Sample Marketing

We ensure that the samples reach maximum people first which is achieved by proper planning and advertising before the actual products are launched officially.

16: E-mails as a Marketing tool

From preparing brochures to mailing them to the potential customers is also a part of our job. E-mail marketing has evolved over a last few years and we extract benefits out of this evolution.

17:  The Tie-up Marketing

We promote brand partnerships in case it is needed so that both the tied-up brands can share each other’s consumer base to have a strong base in the starting.

18:  Guerrilla Marketing

It involves making use of untraditional and low-budget methods involving creativity to attract massive crowd for a product or a service. At our Branding Company Bangalore, we follow Guerrilla Approach of promoting a brand.

19: Database Marketing

Using the collected database of the customers we create personalized messages to help a brand reach each and everyone it is intended to. This eliminates the need of investing efforts in switching sites for knowing about a product.

20: Cloud Marketing

We are also capable of doing cloud-branding as our experts in ‘Cloud Computing and Marketing’ possess deep knowledge about the short-cuts and effective marketing that can prove beneficiary while promoting a cloud-based brand.

21:  Marketing through Tradeshows

New brands can never achieve enough response unless it makes its assets and products accessible to the people. People should be allowed to test a brand’s products for free and this is why Tradeshows are held for. We organize tradeshows at effective locations to target potential customers from time to time.

22: Marketing via Publishing Articles


Publishing articles on major sites and magazines can show the extent of professionalism and intelligence a brand has. We design and publish these articles on behalf of these brands so that they do not struggle to start in the market.

23:  Initial Promotion: Freebie Mode On

To boost the initial sales, a brand must include the provision of selling out it products either for free or at low rates. We help the product in deciding about the rates it must keep and the spots of advertising and targeting the product to provide the required start to the brand.

24: Engaging Brand Lovers

Our branding agency contact Brand Lovers and asks them to represent it at reasonable rates or on the promise of using the products for the specified period. This keeps the brand and customers happy when the sales can be effectively raised. This is known as Evangelism Marketing.

25: Call to Action Marketing

It refers to the methods of transforming web traffic into sales using text, graphics or the elements of web design. Conversion strategies help in bringing more online visitors to the brand as customers. We deal in developing an efficient Call to Action facility to the brand.

So, if you are looking for an advanced yet affordable branding company in Bangalore or in Kerala, just contact us anytime and we’ll have the rest transformed to whatever needed.

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